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    Mini World of Luo Zhenhong

    Luo Zhenhong

    Animamix art is art that transcends art, time that transcends temporality, space outside of space, life that surpasses life.  This new animamix aesthetic, which is deeply rooted in Asian culture and is the product of the melding of form and creativity, should be viewed as an archetype of art.  That is to say, the new animanmix aesthetic is itself wholly original.  The development of visual art from the two-dimensional space of lines, points and surfaces to a three-dimensional space is the traditional concept of painting and sculpture in art.  Luo Zhenhong's works are the little world refracted through the distorted mirror.  They are not cartoons, animation or comics themselves, rather they are part of an aesthetical attitude towards the new age expressed as a comprehensive aesthetic concept.  Time, place and people have come together to make Luo Zhenhong a pioneer of animamix.

    HKD 150