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    A Curse: Oil Painting x Lithograph

    Wang Yiqiong

    For this, Wang Yiqiong has found a very creative technique for this batch of works the"oil painting / printmaking technique". This is the second level of factors that go into his language. The oil paintings that result from the"oil painting / printmaking technique"are permeated with the printmaking techniques Wang has learned over the decades, and they also make use of the colours, brushstrokes and richness of oil painting, which he applies in recreating an already completed print. The resulting image has the purity and strength of sharp edges and colour blocks from printmaking as well as the richness of oil painting. Especially worth noting is the artist's handling of the boundaries between each form, a process that deals with the contradictions and entanglements between the characteristics of oil painting and printmaking; this also shows us his psychological process of unexplainable excitement and its suppression.

    HKD 380