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    The  upcoming  exhibition Wang  Yiqiong  : I want to tell you she’s my girlfriend by Chinese artist Wang Yiqiong is the second showcase of the artist’s works at Contemporary by Angela Li gallery. The show opens on 5 Feb, well in time for Valentine’s Day. It revolves around Wang’s Chinese Lovers and Escaped Flower series of woodcut prints.

    Wang  graduated  from  the  printmaking  department  of China’s Central Academy of Fine  Arts.Described as a “fanatic and possessed” youth by Chinese art critic Mr Liu Xiaochun in his book Deconstruction  and  Reconstruction –A  Discussion  On  Chinese  Contemporary  Art,Wang’s obsession with art was well known during his five years of studies in art school; and his works were famous for their experimental qualities.

    Here is an exhibition full of symbolism, with Wang’s use of women and flowers as feminine metaphorical imagery. Wang’s use of vivid colours injects a sense of tension between desire and constraint. As Wang himself notes, “the relationship of Chinese lovers is secretive and furtive, but  also  equivocal... it is quite entangled”.  All  these  contradictions  and  entanglements  give  us insight  into  Wang’s  “psychological   process   of unexplainable excitement and its suppression”, as the  famous  Chinese  art  critic  Li  Xianting,  who curated his last exhibition, says.

    More  than  30different  woodcut  monoprints  will be   on   show,   including   monoprints   of   the   late Princess  Diana.  Monoprints  are  unique  prints –best know examples of these are Andy Warhol’s serigraphs of famous figures.