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    Contemporary by Angela Li is proud to present Human Nature, solo exhibition of London-based Chinese pop artist Jacky Tsai. The exhibition encompasses his latest works in a diverse range of media, including traditional Chinese lacquer woodcarving, traditional Suzhou embroideryporcelain, acrylic on canvases and screen prints.  


    Fusing together elements such as classical Chinese motifs, characters from old Chinese folk tales or Western comicsTsai deploys aesthetically pleasing and fun imageries to present contemporary subject matters, which are often major current topics and social issues affecting contemporary societies today. By making his works in pop art style using techniques such as traditional Chinese lacquer carvings, traditional Suzhou embroidery, porcelain and hand-crafted screen prints, the artist shows his deep enthusiasm towards Chinese artistry, which is not merely confined in his subject matters, but is also shown by his aspirations to preserve these centuries-old, meticulous Chinese craftsmanship which would otherwise disappear. 


    Tsai’s East-meet-West works closely correlate to his own conflicting self-identity since he moved to London and studied at Central Saint Martins in his early 20’s. He constantly pushes cultural boundaries and subverts viewers’ expectations with novelty, engaging viewers on different levels and presenting them with sociopolitical issues from an alternative perspective.