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    Contemporary by Angela Li, one of the trendsetting avant garde galleries located on Hollywood Road, Hong Kong, is expecting to celebrate her first anniversary in this April. It was a time of turbulence in 2008, but Angela Li found it the right timing to set up her dream space for Chinese contemporary art. Within a year, the gallery gained considerable attention, thanks to Li’s strong belief and mission to investigate a deep appreciative of Chinese contemporaries and to discover true talented young artists from China. The gallery provided a free and open channel for respected artists such as Wang Yiqiong, Chen Jiagang, Liao Yibai, Luo Zhenhong, Xu Haidong who expressed their ideas while gaining international exposure.

    Titled as “Twinkle Twinkle Red Star”, Contemporary by Angela Li’s first anniversary show is to explore the relationship and demarcation between the cultures of Hong Kong and Mainland China, as well as the similarity in their tastes in art. Differences on interpretations of the exhibition title exist. In the Mainland, it would likely be projected as an ideology, yet Hong Kong often see it as imagery relates to commercials, entertainments, or even personal attributes. Participating artists of this show include Xu Bing, Sui Jianguo, Wang Yiqiong, Chen Jiagang, Liao Yibai, Yan Lei, Hong Hao and Peng Hongzhi, Liu Zhizhi, etc. Works of the artists will be on display featuring installations, sculptures, photography, videos and paintings.