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      Contemporary by Angela Li presents

    Cheung Tsz Hin Solo Exhibition: shivering glow, I shiver and glow

    Contemporary by Angela Li is proud to present the solo exhibition of Cheung Tsz Hin shivering glow, I shiver and glow, featuring his recent works created in the last year. Through the lens of the artist, layers of feelings embedded within plants and seeds unravel and rise upon the surface when exposed to the warmth of sunlight, flourishing onto his canvases. The exhibition opening will be held on Thursday 18 May, 2023 from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm, and will remain on view until 24 June, 2023. The artist will be present during the opening.


    Growing up in the New Territories, Cheung lived within a rural restricted area in Hong Kong near the border with the mainland. He spent most of his childhood in the greenery of nature, away from the typical urban life. Surrounded by the woods, he was always alone and enjoyed observing the movements of trees as well as taking care of his plants at home. As Cheung’s artistic career began to take off in recent years, so did his ways of living. From a primitive, leaky rooftop studio to a relatively proper place where he currently works  in Fotan, the drastic changes in lifestyle has resulted in moments of melancholia, thus Cheung expressed through episodes of exploration between light and shadow, echoing his innermost feelings. They are then depicted through the laxness yet predominate arrangements of colours which help to strengthen the viewer’s visual experience.


    As Cheung shares a high degree of sensitivity towards small, almost unnoticeable scenes, everyday mundane objects easily became sources of his boundless artistry. To the artist, painting is a way of recording certain moments in life; the dance between darkness and light will always remain. shivering glow, I shiver and glow, may we find hope in our thoughts that shine through its glory and enjoy the process in search of light within us.