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    Agnes Leung, Collective Healers, Acrylic on Canvas, 120 x 120 cm, 2022

    Contemporary by Angela Li is proud to participate in Art Central 2023 from 21st to 25th March (preview on 21st March), presenting a group exhibition at Booth #A1 showcasing the latest works of Chan Yuk Keung Kurt, Chan King Long Ken, Cheung Tsz Hin, Fatina Kong, Hui Wan Yu Cami, Kwong Man Chun, Lv Shanchuan, Ng Chung, Jacky Tsai, Wong Sze Wai, Wu Didi and Angela Yuen, as well as a solo project Healing Creation by young Hong Kong artist Agnes Leung at Booth #A2. The solo project debuts Leung’s latest paintings created in the past year.


    With her almost Fauvist brushstroke, Agnes Leung’s bright and cheerful colours may sweep away the boredom of urban life. Inviting the viewers to dance along with the melodies of her joyful paintings, the young Hong Kong artist brings to Art Central 2023 her first solo project: Healing Creation.

    “Animals are healers while human are creators.”

    — Agnes Leung

    Leung believes that animals are our healers. Therefore, she loves to paint her animals within home interiors. Objects such as furniture, pet toys and porcelain vases indicate a refined, domesticated setting, striking a big contrast to the liberated nature of animals. The room in each of Leung’s paintings is like a Boudoir of peculiar creatures and precious arts.

    Video games make up much of the childhood memories of the young generations. Born in 1997 in Hong Kong, video games were the companions of Leung growing up, heavily influencing her artistic style. Simulation games of raising animals favours her most, where mental and emotional bonding with the characters are made through the virtual world which then are presented in her paintings.  

    The strong and high contrasts in colours are borrowed from the artist’s dreams. Both her home and studio are filled with the fragrance of clary sage, an herb that can soothe both the mind and body. Surrounded by this vibrant atmosphere, the artist aims to spread a lively, joyful and positive energy through her works.



    Leung Po Ying, Agnes (b. 1997, Hong Kong) received a Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) degree from the joint programme by RMIT University and Hong Kong Art School in 2020. Her artistic practice is an attempt to study the peculiar creatures she sees in daily life and those birthed from her imagination. Leung’s artworks were showcased in numerous exhibitions, including Anything Anywhere at Contemporary by Angela Li. After her graduation, Leung has already received multiple awards like Art Tu: Gallery Fine Art Awards, Mr. Jerry Kwan Memorial Scholarship, Boon Lee Award and Fresh Trend - Contemporary by Angela Li Award.

    Cambrian Period

    Leung Po Ying, Agnes

    HKD 38,000

    If I could fly

    Leung Po Ying, Agnes

    No Cat Resists Fish

    Leung Po Ying, Agnes

    Like Owner Like Home

    Leung Po Ying, Agnes

    Collective Healers

    Leung Po Ying, Agnes

    Light in sign box

    Chan King Long, Ken

    HKD 42,000

    Affair to the east - window version

    Jacky Tsai

    HKD 450,000

    Rock From the Other Mountain

    Kurt Chan

    HKD 78,000

    Bed Time

    Hui Wan Yu, Cami

    HKD 25,000

    Bathing Succulents

    Leung Po Ying, Agnes

    They don’t eat people

    Leung Po Ying, Agnes

    Rambling between breezed bamboo

    Leung Po Ying, Agnes

    HKD 42,000

    I just wanna watch TV

    Leung Po Ying, Agnes

    Dopamine island

    Leung Po Ying, Agnes

    Big Bird Player

    Leung Po Ying, Agnes

    when the river grows

    Cheung Tsz Hin

    Six Persimmon cosmos

    Kwong Man Chun


    Ng Chung

    HKD 104,000


    Ng Chung

    HKD 17,000


    Ng Chung

    HKD 58,000


    Wu Didi

    HKD 250,000

    懸置寂靜 No.1

    Wu Didi

    HKD 138,000

    懸置寂靜 No.2

    Wu Didi

    HKD 138,000


    Angela Yuen