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    Four artists from Hong Kong and China seek different means to escape from reality through evocative works across media.


    Art has always been lauded as a creative means of stimulating thoughts on the physical reality. Presented by Angela Li, the exhibition features paintings, drawings and installation works by Asian artists who wish to simultaneously think out of the box in re-defining their individual identities and re-connecting to the contemporary world.

    In her paintings, Fresh Trend 2018 Art Graduates Joint Exhibition winner Livy Leung focuses on the stress she experiences in her daily life.  She recomposes her thoughts towards different incidents happening around her through scattered and unobtrusive elements.

    Ball pens may not be the first thing that comes to mind in the visual arts field. However, Academy of Visual Arts Department graduate Reni Haymond’s imaginative perspective and skills defy the tool’s obsolescence in this technological age.

    Shi Shao’s paintings are made up of single or multiple threads of colourful lines, emphasising both the material’s lightness as well as inject energy into the threads. The images, a result of the contrast between actual lines and their silhouettes, underline certain lifestyles in the contemporary world.

    Local artist Angela Yuen collects small locally manufactured objects such as hair rollers, yellow rubber ducks, and plastic stationery from local family-owned stores, which she uses to build miniature skyline installations. These objects symbolise the heydays of Hong Kong’s manufacturing industries in the 1950s and 1960s, and provide a historical record of the devotion and perseverance of a certain generation in the city.