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    Curator: Leung Shau Kee

    Participating artists: Chen Minhua | Zheng Liren | Zhuo Yinglan | Zhang Haoqiang | Zhang Bihua | Yun Qianlan |  

    Contemporary By Angela Li's "Abstract Everyday" exhibition not only showcases the exploration of abstract art by a new generation of local artists, but also hopes to explore the presentation of abstract art in a contemporary context. Ten artists participating in the exhibition create their own abstract art works in different media and styles.


    Abstraction is not just an artistic style, it can also be an act of life. Abstract art can be said to be a process of de-figuration. From the simplification and geometry of the scene in the early days, to the cold abstraction that uses dots, lines, surfaces and pure color blocks to form the picture, to the abstract expressionism that projects passion through brushstrokes, abstract art has been changing with the times and developing different appearances. In contemporary art, abstraction may be closer to the original philosophical concept. It is a process of extracting a concept from objects and generalizing it. The creation of contemporary art is often the abstraction, refinement and re-presentation of concepts. In fact, this abstract process is also integrated into life. It is one of the thinking activities of people's cognition of things. Therefore, abstraction can also be referred to as a daily behavior. The "Abstract Everyday" exhibition hopes to narrow the distance between art and life and bring abstract concepts back to everyday life.

    Among them, Zhang Haoqiang's "Blueprint - Prairie" uses adhesive tape as a scale to measure the distance of the earth, and then rolls the adhesive tape pasted with soil and dead leaves into a round cake to form a ring pattern with rich texture, incarnates the abstraction of nature, and seals the artist's Memories of the Prairie. Yuen Jiayi's "Time and Space" mobile light and shadow installation collects everyday plastic toys to form a rotating city. The lights penetrate the buildings and cast colorful light and shadows to commemorate Hong Kong's once glorious industry and era. Zhuo Yinglan's new media work "dah dah dah dah" arranges the radio parts into a graphic work in the style of the abstract master Kandinsky, but at the same time, the machine is constantly automatically selecting the channel to find the signal in the atmospheric waves, and emits all kinds of inexplicable. Sound, compose randomly generated abstract music.


    The exhibition also includes paintings in the abstract expressionist style of life. Yu Jingen's "Sunset Series" sighs the passing of time with the sunset of the campus, and uses calm tones to express the mood of the afterglow; It uses light brushstrokes and bright colors to depict childlike images to reflect on the joy behind it. Their playful and skilled work reflects the talent and hard work of young artists in mastering abstract painting techniques.


    As for the geometric abstract paintings, there are Chen Minhua's plastic-colored works and Yun Qianlan's "Images" with a ballpoint pen, while Zheng Liren's ceramics with a sense of design and He Guanting's line landscape sculptures are also abstract three-dimensional presentations. The unique works of participating artists reflect the diversity of local creations and the ingenuity of concepts, and also provide different interpretations and perspectives on abstract art.