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    Contemporary by Angela Li is proud to present In the Box There’s a Goat Eating Coloured Pants, the second solo exhibition of Beijing-based German artist Martin Wehmerin Hong Kong. 

    Wehmer’s thick oil paintings bear an abstract style while conveying simple and clearly represented subject matters.Wehmerhas a profound understanding of painting asa genre, and fully embraces itsrestrictive properties. Wehmer sees hiscanvas as “a box that offers a whole array of different opportunities and possibilities”.His images are visualizations of the discourses among diverse ways of representationsfrom our history and cultures, as well as the interactionshe has with them. 

    Neither fully representative nor formally abstract, Wehmer’s style is a manipulation of the vast gray area between two ends of awide spectrum.Nourished by German Expressionism and an admiration of German-born American abstract expressionist artistHans Hoffman, Wehmer leavesthe boldest of traces on the canvas with his palette knives. He draws inspiration from socially relevant goods and his almost fetishistic obsession with certain objects. Hisartworks are both deeply personal creations and flexible vessels that welcome viewers’ imagination. As Wehmer himself said, “[In the course of artistic creation,] there isalways something you can’t control”, the viewers’reception is merely one of them. Wehmer holds that “if you can accept this, you bring a message”.