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    Wong Kit Man, Mandy's artistic practice focuses on painting, ceramics and mixed media. She also prefers a rather surreal and abstract way of expression, contrary to realistic portrayal. Hence, the work she produces are conceptual and do not stick to traditional art forms. Wong enjoys creating interactive artworks as well, believing that interaction would allow audiences to comprehend the deeper meanings of the work better.​ ​ In recent years, most of her artworks have been inspired by social phenomenon. This is Wong’s attempt to raise awareness among the audience, in hopes to improve the community we inhabit through strengthening bonds and increasing the sense of caring for each other.

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    Wong Kit Man, Mandy

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    Wong Kit Man, Mandy

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    Wong Kit Man, Mandy

    Wong Kit Man, Mandy graduated from the Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University in 2022

    Anything Anywhere

    Group Exhibition