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    Wong Chun Ho Harris' practice is primarily based on ceramics and printmaking, along with special techniques in ceramic carving, mold making, and transferring images onto clays. The use of various mediums allows his art to wander among planes and solids.Wong believes that a sense of humour is crucial to art creation. It inspires him to transform daily objects into art with a playful and comedic twist. The twists also depict the bizarreness in scenes and form a unique visual aesthetics, showing Wong's imagination and investigation of the fine line between representationalism and abstractionism.

    Totem (failed)

    Wong Chun Ho, Harris

    Bug-in  Again

    Wong Chun Ho, Harris

    Car Car Car Car Car 

    Wong Chun Ho, Harris

    HKD 25,000

    Wong Chun Ho, Harris obtained his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Hong Kong Baptist University in 2022.

    Wong won the AVA Award, Useless Studio Ceramics Award, and Tuna Prize in 2022. 

    Anything Anywhere

    Group Exhibition