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    With a long fascination with all things local, Yuen uses ready-made objects and manufactured plastic toys to create playful three-dimensional sculptures that cast colored shadows resembling the Hong Kong skyline. This practice has become the centre of her artistic creation since 2014. In her first major solo exhibition, Yuen continues to explore elements that represent Hong Kong’s culture: ice-cream street vendor, rickshaw, sampan boat, and the demolished Queen’s pier can be seen on Yuen’s new wall hanging pieces. Like a still frame from an old Hong Kong movie, her work brings audiences back in time to witness some of the faded yet most significant cultural elements of Hong Kong. Her works are cheerful with a sense of playfulness, incorporating old-fashioned plastic objects such as plastic rulers, stencils, hair curlers, toy soldiers, rubber duckscapsule toys, tea party sets, and floral beads that occupied the surface. When strategically placed lights are shined, thereby transforming these ready-made objects into imaginative silhouette stories. Every object is carefully choreographed, combining vastly coloured shadows to produce unexpected results. 

    Born in 1991, Based in Hong Kong, Angela Yuen graduated from the Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University in 2014. She went to Linfield University in the U.S. for an exchange program in 2013 to develop her installation art and received the Dean's List Honours. In 2016, she had her artist residency at Red Gate Gallery, Beijing. In 2019, she was the finalist in the Sovereign Asian Art Prize. In 2021, she was the finalist at the 26th Ifva awards (Media Art Category).  Her works have been shown in Hong Kong, Macau, Beijing, and Australia; collected by Harbour East Hong Kong, IFC Isola, LRC Hong Kong, The Middle House, Shanghai, Niagara Gallery Australia, and private collections.

    Parallel Fantasies

    Group Exhibition


    Summer Interlude 2020

    Group Exhibition


    The Lost Time Travel Machine

    Angela Yuen Solo Exhibition



    Group Exhibition