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    Cami Hui’s practice is based in painting, while most of her works stem from the sentimentality in daily life. She constructs an isolated, surreal and personal domain, whilst imagery taken from quotidian encounters, special events, history and imagination acts as its pillars. Hui views this as a form of emotional expression and documentation, which also enables her to explore the relationship between individuals and collective emotion.

    Chili Flower Dream I

    Hui Wan Yu, Cami

    HKD 16,000

    The Spectator

    Hui Wan Yu, Cami

    The Windows

    Hui Wan Yu, Cami

    HKD 18,000

    Hui Wan Yu, Cami (b.1999, Hong Kong) graduated from the Department of Fine Arts of The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2022. 

    Anything Anywhere

    Group Exhibition