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    The paintings of Salvador pay homage to the transcendent nature of everyday life. Salvador luxuriates in and is inspired by the often overlooked simplicities of life. From the intimacy of public spaces to the pervading sense of community and camaraderie in a crowd, Salvador captures the delicate subtleties of life to delve deeper into the inner workings of society.  

    In each of Salvador's works, his brushstrokes narrate untold stories in a frozen mise en scène. From elderly men playing games on the street, children rushing out of school, and people waiting amidst traffic, Salvador takes on the mundane everyday happenings and turns them into whimsical abstractions. 

    Salvador's paintings are works of figuration and abstraction, chaos and harmony; They serve to examine and immortalise the ephemeral instant that separates accident from chance. He transcends literal representation, each scene intimately pulling the viewer closer to the subjectivity of human consciousness: a distillation of personal experience and fleeting scenes. 

    Salvador's paintings are not about creating something new. Instead, they serve as a gateway to reenter the monotonous everyday world, a fervid reminder of the beauty and vitality of the world surrounding us, leaving viewers enlightened with transformed eyes to appreciate the world around us.

    My St Juan of Joy

    Elías Peña Salvador

    HKD 22,000

    My St George of Sorrow

    Elías Peña Salvador

    HKD 22,000

    Elías Peña Salvador (b. 1992, Spain) graduated from the Fine Art Department of the Complutense University of Madrid in 2014 and obtained his Master of Arts in Arts Education from Rey Juan Carlos University of Madrid in 2017. Salvador has held and participated in many local and international exhibitions, including solo exhibitions in China, Spain, and Italy. He was the recipient of the prestigious Erasmus Scholarship in Fine Art (2013), and has received numerous awards, such as the “Arte Laguna International Painting Prize” in Venice, Italy (2014). He also took part in various artist residencies, such as Jardin Orange in Shenzhen (2019) and Swatch Art Peace Hotel residency in Shanghai (2018). Salvador is currently a member of PROA, an important artists collective and art studio in Madrid that promotes local art in Spain with a global perspective. He is currently doing an artist residency in Hong Kong.

    Summer Interlude 2022

    Summer Interlude