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    Ying Sheung Wong is a young Hong Kong based ceramic artist, who graduated from the Visual Arts Department of Hong Kong Baptist University, where she started making ceramic art. After graduating in 2012, she worked as a full-time visual arts teacher at a local secondary school for several years. As she hoped to pursue a lifelong career in art, she resigned from the teaching position and moved on to study for a Master's degree in Ceramic Art and Design at Bath Spa University in the UK. Her works have been exhibited in Bath and Frome, England, and are collected by local galleries and hotels. She is now a full-time ceramicist. 


    Clay is Wong's chosen medium because she believes that a ceramic artist and clay are in a close, cooperative relationship, akin to a couple dancing a tango, leading and 

    following with each other. Human and clay pull and push each other to form a bond that converts the intangibles into tangibles. Wong believes that human and clay interact in a delicate traction, a kind of interdependent relationship; like a subject and its shadow, it shows the balance between yin and yang or a state of "I live through you, and you through me". 


    Having been Influenced by the Taoist ideology of "letting nature take its course along with the harmony between human and nature", Wong is looking for the balance between human and nature through her works, highlighting human pursuing the understanding of the concept of "all-in-one". Wong is adept at developing pottery clay into unique artistic forms. In the process of ceramic making, she means to show the hidden nature of humankind, the unity of human and clay, in order to embody the Taoist "way of nature."


    Wong Ying Sheung, Ying

    Wong Ying Sheung, Ying obtained a Bachelor degree from Academy of Visual Arts of Hong Kong Baptist University in 2012 and a Master degree in Ceramics Art and Design at Bath Spa University in the UK. Her works have been exhibited in Bath and Frome, England, and are included in private collection. 

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