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    Wang Yiqiong graduated from the printmaking department of China’s Central Academy of Fine Arts. He chose printmaking because of “mezzotint”, of which the transliteration in Chinese sounds soft, elegant, even sexy. Thus began his infatuation with the study of printmaking. To use the words of famous art critic Liu Xiaochun from his book Deconstruction and Reconstruction -. A Discussion On Chinese Contemporary Art (Jiangsu Fine Arts Publishing House, 1996), he was a “fanatic and possessed” youth It should be said that during his five years of studies, Wang’s obsession with art was well known; his works were famous for their experimental qualities.

    Across the Water - Enchant

    Wang Yiqiong

    HKD 50,000

    Wang Yiqiong’s works are closely related to feelings, entanglement, facial expressions and colours. His works are composed of heavy colours, making them particularly rich and complex. His paintings go through multiple layers of colour so as to create a visual language. The relationship of colour in the printing process is one of constant generation; it is done layer after layer. In its whole or in parts, this kind of layering is actually similar to feelings in which there is a constant connection between new and old feelings.

    “Chinese Lover” has been at the centre of Wang Yiqiong’s expressions in recent years. “Lovers” is an ambiguous relationship, often so twisted as to make it impossible for those inside to determine the truth of their emotions. Perhaps there is fire inside, or maybe it is anxiety, or darkness or even total chaos. Who will know what lies in the heart of the lover? The fires of passion growing inside can not be let out like a volcano. A “lover” is underground, never seeing the light of day.